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What plans will the state government give to the farmers?

What plans will the state government give to the farmers?

The portal ( Has been prepared for the purpose of getting the benefits of various schemes of the farming department at home. With the intention of getting the maximum benefit of the assistance schemes for the year 2018-19 through the portal, the State Government will open up to online applications by farmers for the year 2018-19 through the I-Farmer Portal from 01/04/2018 to 30/04/018. Is there.

This is why farmers are advised to take advantage of this. Also apply the time required to take advantage of the document required to apply for the application, copy the 8-A copy of the e-village center or any private internet in their village within the stipulated time limit, taking the form card and ration card and bank account details. After the application, the copy of the application and the above mentioned evidence is mentioned in the list of DBGajra District Agricultural Officer Morbi to deposit the extension officer (agriculture), taluka panchayat in day-7.

Farming Schemes
Continued from 1.4.2018 to 30.4.2018
1. Underground Pipe Line-PVC
2.M B. Plau (mechanical reversible
3.Mb Plau
4.Mb Plau (Hydraulic reverse)
5.Outomatic Seed Low Fertilizer Drill
6. Automated Seed Low Fertilizer Planner
7. Automated Seed Drill
8. Celtavator
9. Cleaner cum Grader
10. Open Pipeline
11.Groundnut Digger
12. Charge cutter (engine / oil motor operated)
13.Captor Cutter (Tractors / Power Teer Operated)
14. Chasele Plau
15. Serious Teal Seed Low Fertilizer Drill
16. Zero Teal Seed Low Fertilizer Planner
17. Serious Teal Seed Drill
19.Discover Plau
20.Discover Heroes
21. Retired
22.Pedi Trans-Planter (Self-propelled)
23. Pump Set

24.Processing Unit
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26.Pack Defense Equipment- Power-operated
27. Power Teeler
28. Power Thraser
29. Power Weeder (self-propelled)
30. Potato Digger
31. Potato Planter
32.Post Hall Digger
33. Frontier Broadcast

35. Bund Former
36. Brus cutter
37. Blade Harrow
38.Beller (tractor powered
39. Multi Crop Planter
40. Mobile Shader
41.Redged Bed Planter
42.Raze & Return Planter
44.Riper (tractor front mounted)
45.Ripper (self propelled)
46. ​​Reaper cum binder
47. Pottery Plow
48. Harry Potter Disk
49. Rotary Power Tealer (Self Propelled)
50. Rotty Power Harrow
51. Rawatawater level
53. Laser Land Level
54. Vinoving Fan
56.Stable Saver
57. Subsecular
58. Slashar
59. Hand Tools Kit
60.Hero (Rap)

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