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Let's look at the '

Let's look at the '


  • Introduction: 'Pranata Prakash', 'Let's Go Science', National Pragna
  •  In the approaching field, the students can be helped to learn science proficiency.
  •  Our people are more likely to write a lesson in writing the number of people who have the knowledge of science.
  •  It is possible that the game can be played indirectly due to the accuracy of the game. Pity
  •  The systems created in the project will be useful in the district schools on a priority basis

  •  Third Expectation
  •  This project explains teachers' language and science proficiency
  •  Dadiashacha Horseitratha Tere Sanctuary
  •  Ooo at: 1 Gaining accurate knowledge from 1 to 100 students.
  •  2. Can be digitized by the teacher.
  •  3. Writing numbers from the words in words.
  •  4. Can not scrutinize power.
  •  5. Can handle the number of hits in a straight-reverse order.
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